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My name is Cheryl. I am a college student and I am 22 years old. I am residing in Southern California.

I like cosplay, fashion, anime, cartoons and more.

Check out my about me page if interested learning more about myself, my tag list, and my other blogs.

*~Product Review~*

These are the platform sneakers I got from somenell_korea on ebay. (Product link

It comes in pink, white, black, red, mint, and yellow.

I got them in XL (US 8.5 ~ 9), and they fit me perfectly! ;w; I’ve been wanting to get shoes like this for a long time since I’ve seen various fashion bloggers having them. Most of the time I had only seen them stop at size 8 or 7, so finding these in a larger size made me very happy!

The shoes came in a box, the box had been slightly damaged while being shipped out to the USA, but it did not effect the product inside. The shoes came bubble wrapped and in a clear bag to protect them from any damage. They also came with a free pair of cute socks! I’m not sure who is on the socks, perhaps a k-pop star? S: I’ve seen several k-pop socks before, but I am not positive if this is one of those. (EDIT: Apparently she is from SNSD, thank you Karly.)

The shoes themselves are really nice quality. They have a zipper on the side of the shoe to make it easier and faster to put on and take off the shoes. The shoes are Maxstar brand, and they had the blog info on the tongue of the shoe. :0 The platform’s of the shoe are soft to the touch, but are sturdy on the main part of the shoe. They are comfortable to walk in and make me a few inches taller.

Overall I really like these shoes and I’d recommend them! uwu Can’t wait to wear them for different outfits!

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